Simple CBD Pack

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Face Salve:
Hair Serum:

Treat yourself or send a gift of a full sized CBD Lip Balm, Deodorant, Hair Serum, and Face Salve. Not sure which Face Salve or Hair Serum is right? Take the quizzes now!

Scent Variations:

Naked - Naked | CBD Lip Balm, Naked | CBD Deodorant, Naked | CBD Hair Serum, your choice of CBD Face Salve.

Warm - Heal | CBD Lip Balm, Vanilla &  Ylang Ylang | CBD Deodorant, Vanilla & Cedarwood | CBD Hair Serum, your choice of CBD Face Salve

Fresh - Lemongrass & Clove | CBD Lip Balm, Bergamot & Vanilla | CBD Dedorant, Orange & Clove | CBD Hair Serum, your choice of CBD Face Salve

Woodsy - Orange & Cedarwood | CBD Lip Balm, Rosemary & Cedarwood | CBD Deodorant, Orange & Cedarwood | CBD Hair Serum, your choice of CBD Face Salve

Face Salve Variations:

Calm: Formulated for acne-prone and sensitive skin to alleviate irritation and bring out your natural beauty.

Balance: Formulated for oily and combination skin to dissolve excess oil while moisturizing dry spots.

Hydrate: Formulated for dry skin to provide all over moisture to dry flaky skin.

Timeless: Formulated for normal and mature skin to reduce signs of aging.

Hair Serum Variations:

Growth: Ultra-nourishing formula stimulates hair follicles to grow long, healthy hair.

Hydrate: Anti-frizz formula penetrates deep to provide ultimate hydration to your hair.

Strength: Ultra-repairing formula strengthens and protects your hair to repair damaged hair.

Free From

🌱 Harmful Chemicals & Toxins
🌱 Parabens & Sulfates
🌱 Fragrances & Dyes

Our products are created using 100% vegan and cruelty free ingredients, bringing you the BEST of nature's care!

Zero-Waste is in our DNA - with minimal biodegradable, compostable or recyclable packaging, because less is more!

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